strange dream...

The dream seemed to activate kundalini/out of body. I was centering in my third eye, next, not really tunnel vision, more like peeping through a key hole, gradually I lost my sense of sight, then smell, then taste, then I became deaf, so I left my body. When I re-entered, I felt that feeling that I have been having, a feeling which I can't really explain. Pain, happiness, sorrow, greif, an explosion of emotions, and then again, nothing, no senses, and I am hovering over my body again. I go back and forth, each time the energy ascending up my body gets even more intense, finally to the point of feeling hot and it is like it keeps knocking my spirit out of my body, like contractions, but istead of pushing a baby out, they ascend up from the base of my spine, and push me out through my third eye, and then I keep going back in. I leave through the ajna chackra (third eye) and I reenter through my nose, almost like I am practicing pranayama, maybe the pranayama at night before bed is doing something? It sounds a lot sillier than it was when I was dreaming. At any rate, I woke up feeling refreshed, and happy to be alive and I remembered the dream after breakfast, which is strange because usually I only remember dreams if they are still with my when I awake. Even more strange, if I don't write them down before lunch time they usually disappear in my unconscious, but this one is still with me. Very fresh.
During parts of the dream I felt not so much scared, but very intimidated. Parts of it were lucid, other parts I felt no control. The energy was almost over powering. I would leave my body when it got too intense, and re-enter when it cooled down.
That is the best way I can explain it...

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in the earth like an oak our roots buried deep
from the earth our mothers and fathers were born
shakti kundalini waits patiently
ascending up sushamna
with the energy of pranayama
penetrating svadhistana
into the watery deep
oceans of karma
cycles of love birth death
undefeated dharma
surrender to ones path
she peirces manipura
lustrous gem
trancend the ego trancending greed
dancing on a sacred path
the journy begins
beating like a sacred drum
but the sound is of no two things striking
in the heart lies anahata
love light and union
the celestial wishing tree
where pure hearts find their dreams
sacred mantra
resonates through akasha
raising the bindu
in ajna
we visualize
we imagine
the one pointed mind
transcends all time
unveiling the maya
that binds us
the thousand petaled lotus
open to illumination
violet to white
shakti kundalini
consort of shiva
dancing in sacred union
love light and wisdom
conquers all

The great divisions of yoga...

(1) Hatha Yoga: Ha means the moon and tha, the sun. Connected with the two qualities, solar and lunar, of the fluid (prana) which circulates in the body, and which is directed bt the respiritory movement. The regularization of breath in order to modify the circulation of prana is the basis of yoga. By modifying her prana the yogini acts upon her psychic being, and then on her mind, which she modifies in it's turn. This in the first instance there are physical exercises, postures (asanas). This yoga is essentially Shivaist.
(2) Raja Yoga, or royal yoga, the mechanism of which is exactly the inverse of the Hatha Yoga. This Yoga begins where the Hatha Yoga ends. It works upon the mind with a view to directing the current of the prana. Mental concentration plays an essential part in it. It is Vishnuist...
(3)Bhakti Yoga, or the yoga of devotion, of love for the divine, and of the Guru who is it's human incarnation. The devotees, the Bhaktis,are, in the presence of their Guru, their master, their diety, as it were in the presence of the divine. This Yoga is one of the most accessible to Western Man, who is already accustomed to the outpourings of the Christian Mystic.
(4) Karma Yoga, or the Yoga of action, subdivided into an infinate number of yogas. This is the Yoga of duty accomplished without affection, without selfishness, without self interest. It is the great instruction of Arjuna by Krishna in the Gita, when the young prince, on the battle field of Kurukshitra, hesitates before fighting...
(5) Jnana Yoga, or the Yoga of knowledge, which is the intellectual realization of the divine, leading to it's intuitive realization...
From: Tantra Yoga, by J. Marques Riviere
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Ast-anga: the eight limbs of Pantajali: SpiderYogini's inspiration...

"between 400 BC and AD 400, the sage Pantajali crystallized the components of classical Astanga yoga in sutras, meaning threads of wisdom. He prescribed a sadhana (path)of eight limbs, in a rigorous disciplined approach to guide the soul towards emancipation, and to release the ties of the material world...
...The first four limbs are external, the second four, internal. Limbs one to four involve physical effort and the conscious training of the mind and body; while limbs five to eight lead from gross, material practices, to subtle, spiritual practices where the deeper recesses of the mind are brought to light and cleansed...

    2}NIYAMA:self discipline
    3}ASANA:the practice of bodily postures
    4}PRANYAMA:the science of breathing

    5}PRATYAHARA:withdrawl of the senses

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